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1.      SAFETRADE- the company SAFETRADE with its headquarters located in Poland at the address: 95-100 Zgierz ul. Sienkiewicza 10 (NIP: 732-149-22-00, NIP EU: PL7321492200, REGON: 100634150, business registry No 18851) owning the website www.safetrade.pl;

2.      The Shop a synonym for SAFETRADE;

3.      The Client – a person who gives the order, is interested in giving order;

4.      The warranty service – SAFETRADE’S warranty service;

5.      Exterior warranty service – different than SAFETRADE warranty service, mainly producer warranty service.


I.               General terms and conditions:

1.      The online shop SAFETRADE, accessible at the website www.safetrade.pl, is a sole property of the company SAFETRADE located in Poland at the address: 95-100 Zgierz ul. Sienkiewicza 10 (NIP: 732-149-22-00, NIP EU: PL7321492200, REGON: 100634150, business registry No 18851);

2.      Submitting an order is equivalent to a statement that The Client has become acquainted with and accepts all statute regulations and contents posted at the website www.safetrade.pl;

3.      Both product and shipment prices include 23% of VAT (Value Added Tax). Company SAFETRADE attaches a receipt/proof of purchase or an invoice to each of ordered items (invoices at request);

4.      Clients are entitled to submit an order through the website www.safetrade.pl, by e-mail or simply by phoning to the office. Orders are being accepted 24h per day, 7 days a week, all year;

5.      Prices demonstrated on the product board at the moment of submitting an order is binding for both parties of the agreement;

6.      All given information concerning product does not signify an offer (in the meaning of the law) but are the invitation to conduct negotiations;

7.      Although, the company SAFETRADE controls accordance of the product description with reality, it does not take responsibility for occurred errors in description or unexpected changes introduced by producers. If any mistakes in the description of products are being noticed, we strongly advice potential clients to contact our company.


II.              The Orders

1.      When submitting an order The Client confirms that he/she is an adult or has a full parental/administrator consent to submit the order in the online shop SAFETRADE. According to law,  statutory guardians (parents/administrators) take the responsibility for shopping made by minors who are under their guardianship/custody. The Shop does not take responsibility for the consequences of giving children the access to online shopping by their statutory guardians. Although, if such situation occurs, the responsibility for submitting an order will be shift exclusively on the statutory guardians.

2.      The contract of sale is being concluded when The Client is informed about the acceptance of his pre-made order. This information is submitted to The Client via e-mail/phone/electronic communicators;

3.      Each order is being realized after proper registration of all necessary payments done by The Client (concerns payments done by bank remittance, DotPay, PayPal, credit cards, in case of payments on delivery – realization after receiving a suitable confirmation);

4.      The Client is being informed about any possible changes in the order status by e-mail at the address given while issuing an order;

5.      Submitting an order is not equivalent to its acceptance by the company SAFETRADE. The Shop reserves every right to refuse realization of the order, also without reason. In any event such as above, The Company returns payments made by The Client on SAFETRADE’s accounts as soon as possible;

6.      The Client has a right to change his orders up to the moment when The Shop issues a proper receipt. After this time The Client in not allowed to make any changes in the order given;

7.      The Shop commits to return the payment done by The Client within 14 working days, in case of accepting an order for a product that happens to be inaccessible from different reasons (ex. SAFETRADE’s mistake, sold out). Mentioned above does not concern the products imported at Client’s special request.

8.      The Company reserves the right to decline an order in case of permanent inaccessibility of goods at SAFETRADE’s suppliers or for any different non-culpable reasons. In particularly, this situation concerns an event when an occurred error causes obvious and flagrant incompatibility of the price shown at the website with company’s proper price list;

9.      All terms and conditions of non-typical orders (which are not submitted directly from our on-line shop websites) are discussed with The Client individually.


III.             Shipping and delivery

1.      Goods ordered in our on-line shop www.safetrade.pl are delivered by Polish courier named Poczta Polska or by any other courier indicated by The Client at his special request;

2.      The price of delivery shown at the company’s website concerns the economic mail up to 0,35 kg (= 0,77 pounds);

3.      The total price of delivery is also being shown when submitting an order. At this time The Client has the right to choose the form of delivery. All prices of the delivery include VAT (Value Added Tax)  – 23%;

4.      Prices posted on the web-site include only the price list of Polish courier- Poczta Polska. All other prices of delivery made by different couriers are discussed individually while submitting the order;

5.      The term – “time of expectation for delivery” contains: 1. time for preparing each order (gathering items at the Company’s magazines, issuing invoices, packing), 2. delivery time (dependent on each mean of delivery chosen by The Client when submitting an order);

6.      Estimated time for preparing each order is being shown at each product board. According to point 3 section III it does not include the delivery time;

7.      When receiving the order The Client is obliged to examine the product and in case of noticing any damages it is the last moment of drawing a protocol of damages together with the courier or postman. Without this document it is not possible for the company SAFETRADE to allow a claim. At Client’s request and extra charge, the company SAFETRADE ensures additional delivery insurance (the charges differ and depend on submitted order). The company SAFETRADE does not take responsibility for damages of uninsured orders when The Client reports a complaint without a proper protocol of damages mentioned in point 6.

8.      If the Client does not collect a delivery at the time given or submit the company SAFETRADE a wrong address, he will be obliged to return within 7 days all postal costs of returning the delivery. The Client commits to pay all costs of re-delivery at total amount defined in the order;

9.      In case of exceeding delivery time limit (after 14 days from the moment of sending) there is a possibility to start the process of reporting a claim against the post or courier. It is essential to know that Polish post company Poczta Polska examines all given claims only after 14 days time limit (with a possibility to prolong this time period according to its statute). The company SAFETRADE considers above mentioned problems after receiving a replay from Poczta Polska (or any other courier) for reported complaint;

10.  The company SAFETRADE provides only online orders. At this moment receiving and collecting orders directly at the headquarters or at store is not possible;

11.  All other additional information and conditions can be found at the web page www.safetrade.pl - shipment.


IV.             PAYMENTS

1.      The only possible methods of payment for your online shopping at www.safetrade.pl are the fallowing: a. bank transfer, b. cash on delivery (paying at the same time when goods are being delivered), c. DotPay (agency service that transfers money between a payer and a payee) d. PayPal (agency service that transfers money between a payer and a payee), e. credit and cash cards (payments realized via DotPay/PayPal);

2.      In particular cases company SAFETRADE provides additional method of payment such as bank transfer with deferred term of payment, however, it is available only for institutional addressees after individual negotiations;

3.      All payments must be made by The Client within the next 7 days starting from the moment of issuing an order acceptance by SAFETRADE.  If The Client does not pay for his/hers order in the time period mentioned above, the orders will be automatically annulled and further booking is cancelled;

4.      If the only method of paying chosen by The Client is ,,cash on delivery”, the online shop www.safetrade.pl and the company SAFETRADE reserves the right to reject certain orders, also without an explanation;

5.      The Shop has the right to settle with The Client different, special methods and conditions of payments. In such case binding methods and conditions of payments are those which are specified in the order confirmed by The Shop (confirmed = accepted for realization);

6.      All additional information and conditions are possible to find at the web site www.safetrade.pl - ,,Payments”.

V.                Warranties and returns

1.      All products and goods offered in The Shop are brand-new, without defects. Before sending products to The Client, our Company assures that the product is not damaged or failing.


2.       According to the current law, each consumer has the right to return each order in a closing date of 10 days. It is necessary for The Client to inform The Shop about the planned return before sending the package back. It would be possible for The Shop to give the Client a special Return Number in order to put it at the visible place on the returned package.  If any case such as mentioned above occurs, the costs of sending the order are charging The Client. In order to return the product The Client is obliged to enclose a written statement of recession from a contract with a signature of one’s own hands. Client’s money will be send to the indicated bank account in the term of 14 working days from the day of receiving by SAFETRADE the returned product. All returns are possible only when The Client: 1. submits the original proof of purchase, 2. enclose a correct written statement of recession from the contract, 3. inform The Shop about the return before sending the package (contact under the e-mail address located at www.safatrade.pl RETURNS). The returned product/good must not be damaged or unaffected in any way. This condition results from the Polish Bill „Ustawa o ochronie niektórych praw konsumentów (...) (Dz. U. z 2000 r., nr 22, poz. 271) – trans. protection of consumers” which was introduced to Polish law in accordance to UE law system. Also, returned package must contain all elements and documents which were earlier delivered to The Client. Proofed products (packed in foil or any other disposables) cannot be returned after removing the proof. The cost of delivery are not returned to The Client. If you do not know how to make a proper statement of recession from a contract – it is necessary for you to contact us. In such case SAFETRADE will send you an suitable form. Remember that The Shop does not have the right to grant the right of return without an appropriate statement of recession from a contract send by The Client.

b.      Warranties – Conditions

3.      All products in the offer have a warranty period, granted by the producer, that lasts at least 30 days. Other warranty periods are given on the product boards. During this time products/goods can be repaired or exchanged. All costs from repairing/exchanging and costs of delivery are charging SAFETRADE. If repair or exchange is not possible, The Client has the right to choose a new product from the offer at the same price as the product damaged or demand the return of money. Each product send to our company at complaint procedure is verified by the warranty service which examines the cause of the damage. The warranty period excludes all mechanical damages or damages caused by misuse. Warranty is also excluded in case of stating an interference in product (including any modifications, alterations, adaptations). The right to demand a warranty is not entitled in case when the damage was caused by force majeure  (ex. atmospheric phenomenon’s, misuse maintenance, environmental pollution, false power supply). If the complaint is accepted,  the service returns costs of delivery made by The Client in order to fill the warranty procedure. Those costs are returned only and exclusively after sending the receipt from the post office (scan, picture, in a letter). If the complaint is refused the product is being resend and all the sending costs are charging The Client. Also, if the product that was send to the repairing service is acknowledged as efficient, the repairing warranty service has the right to charge the Client with an additional charge up to 50,00 (fifty) zloty (payment for testing the product). All packages addressed to repairing service should be send by Polish post office – Poczta Polska  in a form of registered package. If the Client choose different courier or in other form of package the warranty service will not charge all of those costs. Warranty service is working on the basis of the agreement with Poczta Polska and does not have the possibility to refund other costs than mentioned herein before. In order to get back the costs of delivery, it is necessary to send us the scan of the post receipt and the number of your bank account. Also, it is important to know that warranty service does not collect “paid on delivery packages”, packages without its RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) number or send without previous notification of the occurring problems/damages. The term for inquiring your complaint exacts 21 (twenty one) working days from receiving damaged product, however, it can be prolonged,  if the product has to be send to the producer.

4.      The complaint procedure:

A.    contact the warranty service and inform about the problem by sending an e-mail at the address serwis@safetrade.pl. It is essential to give the information such as: 1. name and surname, 2. address, 3. precise name/type of product that you wish to make a complaint about, 4. date of purchase, 5. description of the problem/damage. Remember to give all those necessary information as without them it will be impossible for the warranty service to start the warranty procedure. Incorrect or incomplete applications do not undergo examination. After receiving all necessary information the warranty service will register your RMA application. You will get all your personal RMA number and information needed to send the object. Remember to put RMA number in visible place on the package. 

B.     Pack the object and all other elements (delivered with the product) into its original package/box container. 

C.     Enclose to the package the proof of purchase, warranty card (only if received with the product), short description of the damage and return address.

D.    Be sure to pack the product in the way that it will not get any harm/damages during the delivery.

E.     Send the product to the address given to you during the warranty procedure and inform us about sending the package and expected time of delivery.


1.      By making an order The Client accepts collecting and processing the data shown in the order according to Polish law – Bill from 29 August 1997r., “o ochronie danych osobowych” – data security bill” (Dz. U. Nr 133, poz. 883). The Bill reserves the right  to the individual to have access to his/hers data in order to correct or remove it. All data concerning The Clients of the company SAFETRADE are being processed only in addition to realize the order and to inform Clients of the newest offer (with additional acceptance from the Client). The Shop does not use Client’s data to any other aims/goals or does not give data to 3rd parties;

2.      The Client apart from issuing orders has a possibility to enroll for SAFETRADE Newsletter. Enrolling for Newsletter is completely voluntary, free of charges and is not related with any agreement acceptance. Each person enrolled for Newsletter has the right to withdraw (delete e-mail address from the list of Newsletter addressees);

3.      Credit cards payments, cash cards payments are done by exterior specialist services that comply to all procedures required by the law to guarantee data safety. Specific information concerning  credit cards, cash cards are not accessible to SAFETRADE on any level of submitting the order.

4.      Remember not to replay to any messages concerning transactions with SAFETRADE that are being send from different than official SAFETRADE’s e-mail addresses (visible at www.safetrade.pl  ,,Contact us”). Also, it is essential not to make any payments on different bank accounts than SAFETRADE’s official bank accounts (visible at www.safetrade.pl ,,Payments”). Take extra care while making your payments as SAFETRADE does not take responsibility for 3rd parties actions (frauds, mistakes).

VII. Final regulations

1.      The statute is a part of a sales contract made by The Client and The Shop. The content of this statute is binding for both sides of the contract from the moment of making an order;

2.      The Shop reserves the right to change the prices of the products listed at website www.safetrade.pl, to withdraw certain products from the offer, to introduce new products to the offer, to make and cancel advertisement campaigns of products/goods and introduce changes at website/product advertisement campaigns;

3.      The Shop does not take responsibility for interruptions/disconnections in using the website www.safetrade.pl occurring from technical reasons (maintenance, servicing, replacements) or caused by force majeure;

4.      The status comes into effect at the very moment of placing it at www.safetrade.pl and is binding for indefinite period of time. Company SAFETRADE reserves the right to make amendments and changes of the status;

5.      All disputes resulting from the realization of contracts of sales between The Shop and The Client will be resolved firstly by negotiations with amicable solutions. Although, if any amicable solutions is not possible, legal actions will be introduced. The competent court to resolve the dispute is a court competent for the defendant or the court competent for the place of carrying out the agreement.

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