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√ How can I register at www.safetrade.pl?

Your account will be automaticaly opened during your first purchase in our store. After adding products to cart click To checkout. You can also complete a standard registration process at any time by simply clicking  Register in the upper right part of the site.


How can I buy here?

Placing orders in our store is very easy, just add the items you would like to buy to your cart and go through simple checkout. If you would like to know more about the ordering process here is a detailed, step by step manual: 'How to buy?'.


How can I pay for my order?

The Customer decides which payment method to use. All accepted payment methods are described in detail here: 'Payments'.

When will I receive my order?

Time from ordering to delivery is affected by 3 main factors:

(A) Payment method selected by the Customer

We begin to prepare your order (step 'B') immediately after receiving a cleared payment.

(B) Preparing the order for shipping by the Store

Time needed for preparing the order for the shipping is shown on every product page.

(C) Time needed for the delivery by Post or Courier

Time needed for the delivery by the post or the courier after shipping the order. Client decides which shipping should be used during checkout.


Where do I have to send the payment when using money transfer?

All detailed bank account informations are shown in the 'Payments' section. Please read them carefully.


Does your store have access to my credit/debit card data?

Not at all. Card payments are handled by external services that ensure complete security of transactions and complete confidentiality. More information can be found in the 'Security' informations page and in the 'Terms and conditions'.


How long does a direct bank money trasfer take?

It all depends on how the transfer was commissioned. Ask your bank account assistant or the institution where you made the transfer how long will it take to process it and deliver the money to our bank account.


Can I apply for a local pickup without shipping?

Sure, just contact us before making a purchase so that we can bring the items from our warehouse and arrange a pickup for you at our office.

Some products have two prices displayed - which one is correct?

If there are two prices displayed on the product page the lower one (promotional price) is always the correct one.


Can I get an invoice for my purchase?

Yes. You can provide invoice data (there is a dedicated box for that) during checkout. All purchases are documented with receipts (private customers) or invoices (business customers).


Do you have registered VAT UE number?

Yes. We can provide an invoice with 0% VAT tax if you also have a business within UE with registered VAT UE number.


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